The Knee Pain Clinic

Knee Pain Clinic offers a pain relief treatment to those patients that suffer from degenerative arthritis of the knee. This condition is also known as knee osteoarthritis. Certainly, the majority of our patients that have suffered from this condition have tried several anti-inflammatory and painkillers. However, these patients continue to experience knee pain, leading other doctors to suggest knee surgery as your only option.

Our team physicians and medical assistants will assist you through your knee pain relief journey. Dr. Manuel Sanchez has a natural FDA Approved Solution that will help relieve the pain and avoid surgery in just 5 sessions. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, our health care providers inject a natural visco-supplementation formula called Hyaluronic Acid. This formula will give the natural lubrication and nourish to your cartilage. Therefore, allowing us to relieve you from the pain your knee is causing and decrease inflammation. Best of all, this treatment is covered by the majority of insurance plans, including Medicare.

Knee Pain Clinic Team

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How Knee Pain Clinic Works

The great outcome of our treatment has to do with our method


A member of our staff will run a quick survey to identify if this treatment is best for you. Followed by explaining the procedure in detail, run your insurance or explain the costs of our treatment.


After confirming Knee Osteoarthritis, our patients start the treatment. During this process, you will be numbed in order to apply our injection, with the help of fluoroscopy.


Our patients are evaluated through a series of on-site studies to determine the current condition of the knee. Through this, our physician will determine the number of treatments our patient requires.

Physical Therapy

The patient is able to recover motion on their knees by performing a series of exercises and electrotherapy with the help of our licensed physical therapist’s team.

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Knee Pain Clinic Results

Schedule your FREE Pre-Consultation Today and Receive a FREE Report on How to Find Relief Today

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