What weight does to your joints

What weight does to your joints

Being overweight is one of the main risk factors in developing osteoarthritis. The pain caused by the pressure on your knee joints makes it very difficult to walk more than short distances. For this reason, you are unable to enjoy some quality time with your family because you feel in constant pain. One of the best ways to reduce that excruciating pain is to reduce those extra pounds you might be carrying.

If you are currently overweight, your doctor might have told you that extra weight increases the load on your joints. Such as your knees, hips, and ankles, with every single step you take. For example, when we walk, climb the stairs or get into our out of a car, we can put three to five times our body weight. Therefore, if you are 50 pounds’ overweight, you are adding around 250 pounds of stress across your knees and hips.

Over time, that extra weight makes you much more prone to developing arthritis. As well, it can cause it to progress it much more quickly, leading to much more pain.

Luckily for our patients, this can work the other way around. For every pound they lose, they lose 3 pounds of stress across their knee and 6 on their hips.

Losing weight to improve your health

You don’t necessarily have to lose 100 pounds to see a difference in your pain levels. For starters, losing weight will not repair the damage. However, besides reducing your pain, it can help to slow down further progression.

The best way to lose weight, exercise more often, eat less and healthier. Although suffering from arthritis can make it difficult to exercise, you can start with little steps to achieve greater results.

People tend to look forward to cardio exercises such as running, jogging or aerobics to reduce weight quicker. Keep in mind that these activities are considered high-impact and can put too much stress on your joints. Start with some swimming, cycling (preferable on a stationary bike), or elliptical trainers. They won’t only get your heart rate up leading to calorie burning, but it will also strengthen your muscles.

An innovated non-surgical treatment for knee pain

With the goal to bring you back to your activities in no time, Dr. Manuel Sanchez has opened 3 conveniently located offices through the Rio Grande Valley to treat Knee Osteoarthritis. Unlike others, our knee pain treatment does not only restore the normal function of your joints effectively. By using precise high-technology, our doctors inject the visco-supplementation called hyaluronic acid. Once this natural compound commonly found in our joints is injected, you will see results immediately. With the proper recovery process, a number of people have witnessed the effectiveness and benefits of our treatment. Our patients have reported getting back to their active lifestyle right after they have finished their treatment. Give us a call today for more information or visit us at any of our different locations in McAllen, Weslaco or Brownsville today. Call us at (956) 225-2683 to schedule your first FREE Info-Visit today.

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