Is Knee Surgery Your Only Option?

Knee Replacements Complications

It’s well known that both Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures can improve and relieve pain caused by Osteoarthritis in the knee. According to a randomized controlled trial, total knee replacement improves pain and function more than non-surgical treatments in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, surgical treatment (such as a total knee replacement) resulted in more complications than non-surgical therapies.

According to Søren T. Skou, PT, PhD, from the University of Southern Denmark, trials have shown that total knee replacement followed by nonsurgical treatment is more effective than nonsurgical treatment by itself. It also provides pain relief and improves the function and quality of life after 12 months of treatment. The amount of total knee replacements has been rising in recent years and is expected to increase even more as the US population ages.

Surgical Procedures vs. Non-Surgical Treatments

Knee replacement surgery carries the risk of complications, such as deep venous thrombosis, fracture and infection. While research of non-surgical methods has shown the effectiveness on patients and its use has been widely recommended by professionals.

Dietitians and physiotherapists have developed a non-surgical treatment program, which has met the international recommendations for treating knee osteoarthritis in patients. The program consisted of exercise, education, weight loss via dieting and pain medication.

Physiotherapists and dietitians conducted the nonsurgical treatment program, which met international recommendations for treating knee osteoarthritis. The program consisted of exercise, education, dietary advice aimed at weight loss, insole use, and pain medication.

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