Knee Injections Help Postpone Knee Replacement

Knee injectionResearchers have demonstrated that patients with knee osteoarthritis are able to delay undergoing knee replacement by receiving injections of hyaluronic. Dr. Roy D. Altman, of the University of California Los Angeles, reported in a poster session at the annual meeting of American College of Rheumatology that patients that received hyaluronic acid injections had postpone surgery for more than two years compared against those who didn’t have the injections.

Dr. Altman claims that it is important to delay knee replacement as much as possible, in particular for young patients. He also said that knee replacement isn’t a cure-all because the joint survival is only about 9 years and after that it would be needed to have at least a revision surgery.

Today many people have knee osteoarthritis and they are using different medical treatments or strategies to alleviate pain and improve knee condition. If you are from McAllen – Texas, and you have this kind of problem, we encourage you to come to us to treat your knees and provide your knees with injections that will improve your situation.

Results from analysis conducted by Dr. Altman shown that between January 2007 and December 2011, 26,627 patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis and had total knee replacement where only 7,000 had received at least one injection of hyaluronic acid. From the group of patients that didn’t received any injection, 6,891 were chosen as propensity-score matched controls. A total of 79% had have only one injection, 16% had two, 4% had three, and 1% had four or more injections. Which demonstrate how beneficial can be knee injections to delay total knee replacement.

Knee injections treatment can help improve the condition on the nee and put off surgery as long as possible. This is very important as after total knee replacement, almost one-third of patients continue to have difficulties including pain. It would be good to perform further studies on the differences between patients that had and didn’t have hyaluronic acid injections, as this might tell us even more benefits from knee injections, and remember that at McAllen you can count on us to treat your knee.


Source reference: Altman R, et al; 2013. "Do hyaluronic acid injections delay total knee replacement surgery?",  ACR.