Knee Pain Does Not Means Knee Surgery

Having knee pain does not mean knee surgery, this unnecessary procedure can be avoided. There is a treatment, approved by the FDA, which can relieve knee pain and remove the need for surgery. It is a safe and easy treatment that is even covered by most insurance companies.

Someone with knee pains knows how this can prevent them from doing normal physical activities. Knee pain affects almost everything that requires motion. It can even make simple activities very hard to achieve, such as walking, standing, getting out of a chair or going stairs up and down. Knee pain can restrict or inhibit daily life activities.

If you have been constantly suffering from knee pain no matter what you do, you shouldn’t worry anymore, there is hope. If you have tried other treatments without success, you are a candidate for our treatment program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You have to realize that we are not just trying to get rid of knee pain, we are giving you the opportunity to do it while preventing complicated procedures as a surgery. This is why we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine the right treatment for your knee. One of the best treatments is Hyalgan treatment, you can always find more radical procedures but in case of surgery, once done, there is no turning back to a conservative approach or treatment. A knee surgery is only needed in very extreme cases where Hyalgan is unable to help.

Knee injections treatmentWhat are Hyalgan Injections?
It is a treatment for knee osteoarthritis, it uses Hyaluronic Acid or Hyalgan, which is a natural substance extracted from rooster combs and purified to mimic the lubricating substances that occur naturally in the joint called synovial fluid. Hyalgan attacks the cause of your knee pain by providing a replacement for diseased synovial fluid. Unlike other medications or inflammatory drugs that affects all your body, Hyalgan only targets the osteoarthritis in your knee.

What is the process about?
The process is not difficult, it looks so simple that even our patients compare the treatment to getting a flu shot. Our Doctors will inject Hyalgan directing into your knee joint using a high tech medical device to target the exact location intended with extreme accuracy, providing the best possible outcome from each injection. This is the reason why you may have tried any type of pain reduction injection elsewhere without success. But we can still assist you because your previous injection may have never ended up in the right place.

Results from the treatment
Instead of lengthy recovering periods as experienced after a surgery. Injection treatment doesn’t require long recovery time, most people feel an immediate reduction in pain and return to normal activities after a weeks.

What are you waiting for?
Living pain free and getting your life back is well worth the phone call, contact us.