Knee Surgery does not improve life quality for many patients

Knee Surgery

According to a new research in 2017, total knee replacement surgeries provide minimal quality-of-live benefit for patients with less severe disability at baseline. Considering that the currently procedure practice in the United States, is not cost effective.
Bart Ferket, MD, from the Icahan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City, and colleagues’ states “Given its limited effectiveness in individuals with less severely affected physical function, performance of total knee replacement in these patients seems to be economically unjustifiable”
After adjusting for confounding variables both at baseline and across time, investigators documented an absolute improvement of 1.70 points on the SF-12 PCS among participants who had undergone knee surgery compared with those who had not undergone surgery.

Patient Satisfaction

Moreover, 20 years ago, knee replacement surgery was intended to help only those patients who had end-stage osteoarthritis and very poor function. “Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen not only improvements in the surgery itself, but the implants surgeons use and also the recovery process, so it’s a different procedure than it was 20 years ago,” Dr. Riddle suggested.
Again, it may well be that patients who have less severe pain or less severe functional loss still gain substantially from the surgery, even though it’s not the same order of magnitude as those who are more severely affected.
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