Medial Knee Pain

Medial knee pain is a kind of knee pain that occurs on its inner side and can be caused by many different problems. It can appear gradually over time or may suddenly appear after having a knee injury.  This kind of pain appears very frequently and because of muscle weakness or tightness can subtly change the way the knee moves. This change causes more force to go through the inner side of the joint, instead of having a even distribution of the weight through the whole joint, and this results in damage to the inner side of the knee.

Below we have the most common causes for this kind of knee pain:

  • MCL Tear: This is a damage to some or all of the fibers of the ligament on the inner side of the knee. Common symptoms are inner knee pain, swelling, bruising, instability and stiffness. Even some basic movements as walking and bending the leg can aggravate this problem.
  • Medial Cartilage/Meniscus Tear: It is a tear in the cartilage lining on the inner side of the knee joint. This can occur suddenly with a force through the knee, sudden twisting of the knee or gradually through wear and tear.
  • Arthritis: It is a wear and tear most commonly to the cartilage lining the medial side of the joint. This problem usually appears over time and mostly on people older than 50 years.

When feeling pain, instability, swelling, bruising or stiffness on the knee, it is important to diagnose with a specialist on knee treatments. The only way to accurately diagnose your problem is to see your doctor, please feel free to contact us to help you with your knee problem.