Overweight Osteoarthritis

Overweight & Knee Osteoarthritis

Our joints start to degenerate as we age, making this the number one factor in developing Knee Osteoarthritis. However, being overweight forces our body onto our knees by putting some pressure in our joints. Excess of body fat can destroy joints. For this matter, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is the number-one preventable option in avoiding osteoarthritis of the knee.

Dr. Manuel Sanchez continuously advices his patient’s to follow a healthier lifestyle such as:

Eat Healthily

A good and healthy diet will not only help you lose weight but will also improve your health. There is a lot of information online regarding what foods you should be eating during the day. However, it is important that you consult with any of our clinicians prior to starting your diet. You may not be aware of the reactions of certain foods can happen with your body. Or which type of diet will benefit your condition and health. You can always go back to our article “Fiber Rich Diet Against Knee Osteoarthritis Pain” to learn more about osteoarthritis diet.

Exercise Regularly

The extra weight your body is carrying stresses your joints, especially the knees. In order to maintain a healthy body and eliminate the risk of overweight osteoarthritis, a person should exercise on a regular basis. It is best recommended to start with simple but effective exercises that will strengthen your joints over time. As we integrate the proper workout into our daily routine, you do not only increase your health but also you are losing weight.

Whether you are already suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis or want to prevent it, approach any of our physical therapists in order to get the appropriate exercise that will allow you to maintain optimal health and help you with your knee pain.

Our doctors are here for you

In the beginning, maintaining a workout routine and a good diet can be overwhelming, as we mentioned before, our team of professionals will guide you through the process whether you are planning to avoid or improve your knee osteoarthritis. Your health and wellness are important for us, and this is why never hesitate to consult with our doctors to improve your lifestyle.

If you are currently suffering from Knee Osteoarthritis, you are a candidate for our Free Info-Visit. Our staff will guide you through our treatment in detail, address your concerns and help you determine if our treatment is right for you. Call Us Today (956) 225-2683 to schedule your free pre-consultation in your journey to eliminate your knee pain.