Why you should avoid a surgery?

The knee surgery “is the very last option that should be reserved for extreme cases where other treatment does not work”.

After surgery it is required prolonged immobilization of the knee because of the high risk involved in this procedure. In most of cases the time needed for a patient to be able to move his knees is between 6 – 9 months. Additional treatment is needed to regain strength on the quadriceps. One should extra cautious post-surgery not to do and avert just about any medical complications. Blood clotting is a form of after effect that a patient may experience. Other general complications are excessive bleeding, unfavorable difficulty anesthesia or damage for you to nerves, blood vessels and bones located across the operated area.

Before going to surgery, it is convenient to try other treatments to hold the pain and to preserve mobility on affected articulations, this is what you can achieve through our treatments, which usually consist in advanced physiotherapies techniques combined with appropriated drugs. Your knees will recover from their condition without having a surgery.